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Robert J Loring Underwater Photography

Hello and welcome to my website! I am a professional underwater photographer. I dive the world’s most vibrant coral reefs, capturing beautiful one-of-a-kind authentic and genuine photographs of coral reefs and marine animals. I print them onto aluminum using a special process and sell them in sizes ranging from 24" to 72". They are simply stunning in appearance and impact and make great centerpieces to any room or location.


Hello and welcome to my website! I am a professional underwater photographer. I dive the world’s most beautiful and vibrant coral reefs; capturing stunning one-of-a-kind authentic and genuine photographs. Some of the locations I travel to include the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and others.The photos offered for sale span a wide range of sizes to accommodate most any budget. Each photo is unique and has been carefully selected. Many photos can be nicely curated together as a group.

All of the big enlargements, 36” and up, make gorgeous centerpiece attractions for any home, business, commercial location, lobby, restaurant, etc.  Viewing a big enlargement will give you a life-size and immersive virtual reality type experience of actually being on the dive with me. Everything you see in my photos is alive!

The photos are offered on two different print media, high-definition glossy metal and high-quality glossy photographic paper.  The print media of choice is metal. Metal prints are made from specially prepared lightweight coated aluminum through a process whereby the image is infused permanently into the metal, resulting in a striking high definition and vibrant glossy finish. Each metal print is signed and comes with an inset hanger mounted to the back and ready to hang right out of the box. Once hung, the metal prints will appear to beautifully float off the wall. The metal prints have a smooth surface and have superior resistance to moisture, fading, or stains.

Photo of the back of a metal print showing inset frame pre-mounted with hanging hardware:

We also offer the option to order signed glossy photo paper prints shipped directly to you, ready for the framing type of your choice.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service! Each photo is custom printed upon receipt of your order. Every photo is carefully packaged and shipped to you within 7 days of order receipt. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us and we will promptly respond.

Thank you for visiting my website!